Frequently Asked Questions

How do this mobile application works?

This application requires simple internet connection and works on Quick Response(QR) code based technique as a mechanism for employees quick check in and check out.

How can our organization benefited from this application?

Our application helps you in administrative time savings through automated calculation of timesheets for pay analysis. Also, this will improve the daily attendance tracking of your employees easily.

How many times can I scan QR code per day?

There are no such limitations. Even in your intervals you must scan for check out and check in for timely maintenance of attendance.

How many attempts for QR scan fail?

If you are unable to scan the QR code, reach to reception and scan your fingerprint on fingerprint scanner. This will calculate your attendance manually.

An employee login and logout in 5mins. After few minutes if he login, Do it calculate interval time?

Currently GPS based tracking is not handled. This is an open scenario to be handled with intermittent validation of coordinates (say 20 minutes interval) of a person and store the log for all violations.

Why am I unable to scan the QR code? If it is any technical issue, can I be notified?

We will notify you in case of technical issue. You please check with your administrator if this situation persists.

If employee checkout before time then do it show any notification message?

Ofcourse, Yes. Based upon the duration of working hours, employee will be notified regarding the extra hours to work on in next few days.

Can I update my leave in timesheet?

No. Currently, there is no such feasibility for updating leaves in timesheet.

If an employee try to falsify by check in for other employee mobile. Is it possible to check in?

Not possible. This app creates unique ID reference for each mobile. Check in will consider Mobile unique ID, user ID and location of the employee.

If employee checked in multiple times, then which time should consider as checked in?

First Check-in should be considered. But system should still maintain the log of all multiple check-ins and check-outs to calculate the overall hours.

How can I shift the duty of employee?

If you are an admin, you can do this from our web application. In menu, click on duty and choose type. You will find the edit option where you can change the shift of your employee.

How to create employee to access mobile application?

This is so simple. From our web portal, hit Masters section where you can add departments, branches, staff and locations. In staff, hit add and fill the employee details. Assign role to the employee and choose if location check is required. Click Submit. There you go!!

If the employee forgot/lost his mobile, how can he go through this process?

In case of mobile loss, user can reach out to reception. Using fingerprint scanner, they can scan and register attendance manually.

If an employee captures the QR code image and scan from his home to falsify the attendance? How can it prevent?

To reduce the falsification, we maintain location coordinates of the QR scanner. When user is using the application, it will access the camera and location of the scanning area.

If employee was late to office and during check in he tries to change the time in his mobile. Can it be detected?

Yes. The app records the date and time that the attendance record is sent to timesheets. If the employee changes the time on their mobile, this will be easily detected.

I’m using QIQO app for the first time. How can I use this application?

Download application from app stores, and follow step-by-step video tutorial on how to use the application.

I don’t have credentials to login the application. How can I access?

You can click on signup and email your details along with Emp ID or MR number or Mobile number to your IT team and request for access.

Can I use QIQO app in more than one device?

Yes, but your IT department has to approve that request.

Will data be lost without an internet connection?

Don’t worry! If your internet connection is lost, all your timesheets data will be stored as history in My Timesheets section.

I deleted my existing QIQO app from my device. Can I reinstall and continue my attendance QR scan without contacting IT administrator?

Yes you can. Though the application deleted accidentally you can reinstall from app store and continue using services as usual

If employee checked in multiple times, then which time should consider as checked in?

First Check-in but system should still maintain the log of all multiple check-ins and check-outs to calculate the overall hours

Can a user use both Android and IOS app for check-in at a time?

No, this is restricted for security purposes. One user should use one device at any point of time.

How to find if an employee take a picture of QR code and scan from his/her premises?

Location coordinates (longitudes and longitudes) are mapped to each location where users are allowed to scan within 50 meters are allowed to scan. Above scenario will get failed in the above situation.

Can I transfer my existing QIQO account from one device to another?

Yes, please contact your company’s IT department to enroll new device for you.

What if employee checked out multiple times, then which time should consider as checked out?

The latest checked out time of employee will be considered as checked out time of employee.

What if one employee login with different employee id and scan the QR code?

Mobile/Machine MAC ID + Employee ID + Location (with latitudes and longitudes) is a unique combination to each check- in. So, no employee can check-in from other mobiles or devices or tagged location. There is an option for administrators to Allow logins from multiple locations Wipe-off mac-id (Android and iOS) which gets registered when registered to app for the first time. So that new device can be used to register and check-in.

Can I apply for an excuse request as I came late to the office today?

Yes, you can send a request to your superior for the approval. Once approved, your hours will be adjusted automatically to your timesheet