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A touchless workforce management software which helps to combat with infections and facilitate social distancing elements. This software allow to register attendance in different modes for –


Employees working from office using VPN, WIFI and/or encrypted QR

Employees or contract staff working from home using geo-tagged dynamic QR

Employees or contract staff who are on field using geo- location tracking on need basis

Management or team participations to board meetings, conferences and seminars using personalised QRs

Attendance Methods

Location based GPS Technology (restricted or multiple locations)

Desktop Based Tool

  • Common
  • Individual

Kiosk based QR scanning (bi-directional)

Our Services

Record Employee Attendance within office premises

An employee can record the attendance from anywhere while he is mobile or from office with all security measures and validations. Our solution validates device registration, employee ID and location coordinates for every check-in/check-out. After successful validations employee are allowed to record their attendance.

Record Attendance for Meetings, Conferences, Trainings etc

Schedule meetings or conferences or trainings by inviting several attendees. Every meeting will have a QR code that allows registered attendees to join within the time frame mentioned in the agenda. Attendance will be registered automatically upon scanning the QR.

Record Attendance for restricted facilities

Organisations do have several restricted facilities like IVF labs etc. Entrance to such labs can be restricted to specific individuals. Attendance to such facilities entry can be effectively recorded.

Record Attendance for
‘Work from Home’ Staff

Work from Home is going to be the new normal post covid-19. Our solution facilitates this working option through desktop based tool. Desktop tool generates a dynamic QR that allows to record location coordinates, date and time of staff details.

Record Geo-Locations for On-field staff

Organisations might have on- field staff who work out of the office. Our solution allows to trace on-field staff member location.

Analyse Employee Attendance

Several combinations of reports can be generated over recorded attendance. Some of the reports include:

  • Timesheets (Daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Duty type (Straight, Split) based log
  • Department, Location & Branch based staff reports
  • Excuse requests reports
  • Trend analysis reports
    1. Early leaving, late coming
    2. Overtime, Punctual, Undertime
    3. Attendance Types (office, work from home, meeting, on-field etc)

Everywhere in Everything with zero touch


Mobile App for Employee Access

Scan QR Code

With the geo-tracking feature embedded in the attendance management system, your employees can check-in from various locations. Everyday Scan the QR for the Check in and Check Out from the hospital.

View Check IN and Check OUT details

Grant access to your employees to check-in and out from mobile. 

Automatic Break Time Management

Set different break times for different shifts; classify as payable or non-payable; configure as manual or automatic. Take complete control over shift scheduling and automate attendance regularization.

Shift Scheduler/Corrector

Save time and effort with our intuitive Shift scheduler/corrector; easily convert the absences to leaves/breaks/correct the absence time so that you don't have to spend your valuable time checking redundant data.

Mobile App for Admin Access

Attendence Tracking & View Check IN and Check OUT time of the employees

1. Zero-touch time clock and QR scans to track site attendance, activity and tasks performed
2. Manage Inspections and Audits via Mobile App using Forms, Pictures, QR, Signatures
3. Easily assign QR Code based on Job-site, individual or a group

Shift Settings

Set shifts for each employee, map IDs to biometric devices, maintain employee attendance records or just manage your roster, all from Hospital People.

Web portal for HR and Administrators

Attendance Tracking

1. Zero-touch time clock and QR scans to track attendance at location basis, department basis and individual basis
2. Manage Inspections and Audits
3. Easily assign QR Code based on Job-site
4.View Check IN & Check OUT time of the employees

Shift Settings

Set shifts for each employee, map IDs to biometric devices, maintain employee attendance records or just manage your roster, all from Hospital People.

Value Propositions

Record employee Attendance and update HRM

Record and analyse employee IN and OUT (My QR) during working hours like breaks, entering restricted area etc

Record attendance for meetings, conferences, trainings, student attendances (for colleges)

Record entry to facilities for security point of view

For Hospitals, It can be used specifically for patients’ Quick Check-in especially for follow-ups

Patient can have their own QR and scans on reaching the hospital to notify reception, doctor, nurse on the arrival

Get graphical reports that will give you attendance summaries by day or by hour. See reports for individual employees, or for entire teams. Filters for custom date ranges, shifts, locations, and more, will help you drill down even deeper.


Benefits & Functions

Clear Visual about resources entries and exits

Attendance processing is effective only when it's real-time. Employees & managers need to fix issues ASAP and not at the end of the month.

The QIQO attendance management system handles all aspects with simplicity and efficiency. You experience bliss when attendance, leave (vacation), and payroll is seamlessly integrated.

Graphic Display for quick understanding

Scanning and Displays working hours

Updating Duty Rota

Excuse leaves and approvals

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